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Technion - Israel Institute of Technology

Affiliate member | Autonomous systems

Autonomous systems represent the next great step forward in the fusion of machines with sensors, computers, and communication capabilities. The objective is to develop intelligent systems that can interact dynamically with the complexities of the real world. These systems make their own decisions independently about how to act, even in groups, especially in unplanned, changing, or unexpected conditions. Autonomous systems applications include performance-enhanced unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs); swimming medical micro-robots that can travel through the human body; unmanned vehicles for under-water, land-based, and space exploration; environmental disaster cleanup operations; rescue operations; detection, identification, and neutralization of chemical or biological weapons and explosives; transportation and traffic control systems; communication networks; and a wealth of other implementations that will drive progress in defense, medicine, and industry. The Technion does cutting edge research in all of these areas.

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Daniel Zelazo
 Assistant Professor, Aerospace Engineering

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