Air Carrier Operations (A41_A11L.UAS.83)

The vision to revolutionize mobility within metropolitan areas and beyond is one of the new frontiers in modern aviation. Building on the gradual successes of Part 135 applications under the Integration Pilot Program (IPP) paving the way to unmanned air cargo followed eventually by unmanned passenger transport. An emerging role for FAA will develop by working with the community to identify and address the key differences between unmanned and manned operations, opportunities, and challenges ahead underlying this likely development. The passenger transportation network ecosystem and its associated technologies are likely to be among the most complex aviation has ever seen and the opportunities to facilitate the full integration of UAS into the National Airspace System (NAS) are significant. The FAA needs to understand this environment, analyze the differences, and as they compare to traditional manned air transportation. These analyses along with developing timelines will enhance decision-making and the research will highlight anticipated needs of the FAA to support further integration of UAS in air transportation operations in and across metropolitan areas including suburbs and exurbs.




Kurt J. Carraway
Department Head | UAS Executive Director
UAS Program
Applied Aviation Research Center
Kansas State University
Phone: 785.833.2152


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