Human Factors Considerations of UAS Procedures, & Control Stations (A10)

This research seeks to provide recommendations toward the development of new regulatory and guidance materials related to UAS control station design and ergonomics, and pilot and crewmember procedures and operational requirements. This research will extend research being conducted under the ASSURE task A7 “UAS Human Factors Control Station Design Standards (plus Function Allocation, Training and Visual Observer).” This research includes two parallel, collaborating efforts. One will focus upon the development of control station requirement recommendations including (a) an evaluation of the minimum workstation control and display requirements and (b) control station ergonomics, safety, and work area design parameters. The second will focus on pilot procedures and operational requirements. A literature survey will help to determine the operational differences between nominal and off-nominal UAS operation vs. piloting of a manned aircraft to identify minimum pilot procedures and operational recommended requirements.




Richard Stansbury, PhD
Associate Professor
Computer Engineering and Computer Science
Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Daytona Beach Campus
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
Phone: 386.226.7923


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