Secure Communication Links (A9_A11L.UAS.35)

UAS control and non-payload physical (CNCP) layer is envisioned to be infrastructure-free and thus it is susceptible to multi-user interference and a wide variety of jammers. These jammers can launch arbitrary signals or noise to attack single or multiple communication channels across a wide spectrum of frequencies. As a result, several undesirable scenarios can occur including total loss of link, increased power consumption, packet delays or bit errors. Therefore, interference cancellation and mitigation techniques are required to establish secure communication between unmanned aircraft and control station. The main objective of this research is to develop and implement/test multi-user interference cancellation and jamming mitigation techniques with large coding gain for handling different interference and jamming scenarios. Our goal is to implement transceivers for unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) communications, evaluate various interference/jamming scenarios gain, and develop robust architectures to suppress different types of jammers in a wide variety of settings. This will be achieved by combining adaptive channel coding and spread spectrum techniques to realize large coding gain and jamming mitigation. Furthermore, we will introduce novel mitigation techniques based on MIMO as well as exploiting the strong LOS component.




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