Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Response Phase III (A62_A11L.UAS.68)

This research will provide insight into the safe and secure integration of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) into the disaster preparedness and emergency response and recovery areas. It will explore the use of UAS in providing effective and efficient responses to different natural and human-made disasters and emergencies. It will focus on procedures to coordinate with UAS operators from within federal agencies such as Department of Interior (DOI) and Department of Homeland Security (DHS) (including Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)), as well as local and state disaster preparedness and emergency response organizations, to ensure proper coordination during those emergencies. The results will help inform requirements, technical standards, and regulations needed to enable disaster preparedness and emergency response and recovery operations for UAS. This research will also develop a database with data collected during the project to be analyzed to produce various key performance measures and metrics that characterize overall pilot proficiency in a flight environment.

A11L.UAS.68 UAS Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Response Research Phase III will build from the results, findings, and lessons learned from A28/Phase I (FY20-FY22) and A52/Phase II (FY21-23). The requirement is intended to be a long-term research effort that may address the following 6 research areas and subsequent research questions, (ref. Sections 3.2-3.8 below), as well as any additional related questions that arise during the research process. Note that this set of questions resulted from findings and recommendations from the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) preliminary literature review, formal peer review of Phase I and additional peer reviews, and other questions may continue to be uncovered by the Phase I and Phase II research efforts



Jerry Hendrix
UAS Research Programs
University of Alabama Huntsville
Email: jhh0014@uah.edu
Phone: 256.824.5408


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