Airport Traffic Control Ops

The overall level of safety in the National Aerospace System is preserved through NAS integration, which requires adherence to rigorous airworthiness standards and airspace regulations. While they apply equally to manned aircraft, they also recognize the distinguishing characteristics of UAS.

This research encompasses those UAS that operate like fixed-wing manned aircraft that require use of ramps, taxiways and runways to complete ground operations.

The FAA has recently implemented new rules at a number of airports for keeping airplanes far enough apart so they are not affected by each other’s wake-turbulence. This wake turbulence re-categorization (RECAT) more narrowly and accurately defines safe wake turbulence separation standards based on the performance characteristics of aircraft. This eliminates conservatively long separation standards that are necessary under current broader wake-turbulence classifications, which are based primarily on aircraft weight classes.

Collaborative Decision Making (CDM) is a joint government/industry initiative aimed at improving air traffic flow management through increased information exchange among aviation community stakeholders. These stakeholders work together to create technological and procedural solutions to the Air Traffic Flow Management (ATFM) challenges faced by the NAS. New entrants into the NAS, such as UAS, are not being considered.

ASSURE Advantages

Airport Operations Testbeds

ERAU has a partnership with Daytona Beach International Airport to test and demonstrate autonomous system operation on airport surface.

ATC Modeling and Simulation

ERAU manages the FAA Florida NextGen Testbed; and Drexel University is developing simulation framework to analyze controller performance.

UAS Modeling and Simulation

Multiple simulation environments capable of assessing airspace integration and air traffic management scenarios.

UAS Integration Regulatory Expertise

ERAU performed FAA-funded technology surveys and regulatory gap analyses for UAS integration.

Air Traffic Management Training

ERAU and UND feature undergraduate academic programs in air traffic management / air traffic control.

Applicable Schools


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Research Projects

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