Visual Operations Standards for UAS (A46_A11L.UAS.88)

This research evaluated Visual Observer (VO) I Remote Pilot (RP) performance in maintaining separation from manned aircraft. Research tasks trace to Part 107.29, 107.31, 107.33, and Part 107.37. The research identified and developed visual observer training recommendations for daytime, dusk, and nighttime operations. Past industry research has focused on visual detection of manned aircraft. This research adds to that by focusing on both the visual detection as well as the avoidance of manned aircraft. Potential benefits of the research include informing future VOIRP training standards, informing FAA risk assessments and waivers for extended visual line of sight operations, and informing potential updates to Part 107.




Tom Haritos, Ph.D.
Associate Director, Research | UAS Research Program Manager
Applied Aviation Research Center
Kansas State University Polytechnic
Phone: 785.833.2152, Ext. 202


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